My name is Ahan Malhotra and I am a high school student. The idea for Vocabulist was born while sitting in my school library, looking up the definition of words online. I had like 50 words to get through, and it was slow, monotonous work. So, I thought, "Why isn't there a tool for this already"? We have Quizlet and Cram that help us study, but we need to manually enter everything into them, which is slow and tedious. Vocabulist aims to do that for you in less than 5 minutes. So, the summer right after that epiphany, I began work on Vocabulist. It first started as an iOS app, then turned into a web app. At the same time, I was an intern at a local software company which runs on Ruby on Rails. Rails became the natural choice, and with some help, Vocabulist began to grow. I decided that for the sake of time, Vocabulist would go into a public beta before school started to allow for testing, and so I could get a product out there. I hope you enjoy it! I would like to greatly thank Joe Yeung for mentoring and helping me through the process of building Vocabulist!

Ahan T. Malhotra